Ariana works directly with manufacturing leaders to improve communications, relationships and overall company engagement.  She is certified with Strategic Intervention and an expert at conflict resolution. She helps teams create a culture that supports the company mission and strategy.


Who She's Transformed

  • Coached executive MBA students at Cornell University's Samuel Curtis Johnson's Graduate School of Management

  • Led Cornell University's Internet Technology Women in Leadership staff through a 6-week Thinking Like an Entrepreneur course

  • Mentored Opus One - a winning team in the New York State 76 West Clean Energy Business Competition

  • Facilitated roundtables at the 2017 tech conference Collision on topics of diversity, mentorship, and leadership

  • Trained multiple departments within manufacturing to improve communication

  • Coached small business owners to raise their revenue. improve their marketing, pitch their businesses confidently, and manage client relations

  • Led workshops on managing stress and living a meaningful life through Cornell University's Wellness program


What’s your vision for your management team?