Make Networking Less Awkward

The other thing about entrepreneurship is somehow it got associated with misery. I don’t know who wrote that in the handbook, but working with my mom is enjoyable. If you’re feeling extreme stress all the time you should reevaluate who you’re working with, what is the goal you’re chasing and why. This has been a great journey and at the end of the day both of us are changed by running this business.

Women of the World: Go to a Hackathon!

When women are successful in their businesses and in the workplace, it has a downstream effect on a lot of the other negative problems in society. When more women are empowered, more people are going to be lifted out of poverty, children will be more educated. Women reinvest 90% of their income into their families and local communities, and this gets to the heart of other systemic problems.

Why faking it 'till you make it isn't enough

At 17 years old, my response was to adopt what I unconsciously believed to be a “masculine” trait: toughness. I worked hard to appear emotionally unfazed by anything, unreadable, and slightly angry. I was suppressing and hiding what I felt from everyone, including myself. The immediate and long-lasting result was a constant feeling of distance from other people and a pervasive loneliness.