Coaching the Extraordinary Leader Within Every Woman

Leadership requires consistent action, confident decision-making in uncertain circumstances, and the ability to address conflict. But when 50% of the population faces unconscious bias that negatively affects perception of their ability to lead, leadership is not as simple as having the right skill set. 

Your company's greatest assets are the people who dedicate their lives to its success. Coaching unlocks their creativity, innate problem-solving skills, and draws out their natural leadership abilities.

The questions below are a starting point for determining if your company might benefit from leadership coaching. 

Is your company focused on recruiting and retaining women?

Is your company losing women before they get to the C-suite, or even earlier in their careers?

During exit interviews, do former female employees talk about feeling unsupported, not belonging, or lacking mentorship?  

Is your company already offering women support that prepares them for leadership roles? 

Does your company offer leadership coaching on issues that disproportionately affect women, such as, the Confidence Gap, the Imposter Syndrome, the Power-Likability Trap?