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Take your seat at the table and speak with confidence






Are you ready to step into your power as a leader?

Coaching the Extraordinary Leader Within Every Woman

In studies, men overestimate their abilities and performance, and women underestimate both. Their performances do not differ in quality.
— The Atlantic, The Confidence Gap
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"Confidence is what gives your competence power." 


Ariana Blossom

Leadership requires consistent action, confident decision-making in uncertain circumstances, and the ability to address conflict. But when 50% of the population faces unconscious bias that negatively affects perception of their ability to lead, leadership is not as simple as having the right skill set.

Does the imposter syndrome keep you from sharing your best ideas?

The Imposter Syndrome is the feeling that you don't belong or have as much to offer as other people in the room. But that's just one voice in your head. There is another voice within you - the one that has creative, transformative ideas and is ready to shape the world. What would become possible if you turned the volume up on your creative and competent voice? 

does the need to be liked keep you from showing up as the expert that you are? 

There is a trap set for women who want to lead. That trap is that the more power you gain, the more dislike you'll face from other people. It's not fair, but it is part of our reality. What would become possible if you practiced sharing your expertise?