What do you want in 2018? 

Does any of this sound familiar? 

You've reached a high level of professional success. The money is nice, status feels good, but there's a nagging feeling that something is missing. You strongly identify with your work and wonder who else you could be. You play with the possibility of leaving your job, going on an extended vacation or to church. You want to make intentional decisions about your next career move, deepen your most important relationships, and feel profoundly fulfilled. 



"The conversations you don't have with yourself have as much impact on your life as the conversations you do."

Ariana Blossom

Here are signs that change is calling you

Making mistakes - the kind of mistakes that should be easy to avoid. And it's adding to your frustration. 

Verbal filter is broken. You find yourself confiding to direct reports and kick yourself afterward. You say the wrong thing in meetings and then realize it's revealing your unhappiness. 

Bad food choices. Cake and potato chips seem to follow you around. Your food choices are a result of stress, not conscious choice. It's making you cranky, tired and holding onto those extra 10 pounds. 

Reactive. You're touchy, quick to cry or to criticize because it feels like the pressure inside you is about to explode. You need to be alone more than usual and you can see the impact it's having on the people you love most. 

Ariana treated me with love, respect and encouragement. She helped me change a pattern that was 20-30 years old in just 6 weeks. My investment in coaching with Ariana has changed my life and saved my marriage.
— Lisa Ryan

Hire a skilled  coach to support you as you take the next step

What can coaching do for you? 

  • Shift your mindset from "can't" to "how"
  • Get clear on the details of the life you want  
  • Make smart decisions on how to make that life a reality
  • Be upfront about the life you want to the people who will be the most affected
  • Transform overwhelm into gratitude
  • Trade the fear of uncertainty with excitement for the life you're creating

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