Looking for a speaker who will playfully and thoughtfully address the divisive challenges men and women are facing in the current American climate?

 If so, Ariana Blossom is the right speaker for your keynote, executive roundtable, or workshop.

Ariana’s experience of sexual harassment while serving in the U.S. Army led her to empowering women to become leaders and business owners. She began to see that until we educate men, we will not fully liberate women. Her work evolved to include supporting men in redefining masculinity to include vulnerability, nurturing and emotional intimacy as sources of strength. As a result, Ariana speaks to both men and women in her audiences with a message of positivity, insight and a call to action.

She takes her audience on a journey through her pain and ultimately to the understanding that masculinity must redefined to make a world that is safer for women and men.


View a selection of photos and videos from Ariana Blossom's presentations

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American Masculinity and Ending Sexual Violence, a talk at Ithaca College 2018

Experience a quick guided meditation with Ariana.

Watch a short video on emotional intelligence.



"I lucked out in finding Ariana when scheduling speakers for our American Association of University Women 2017 event in Syracuse, NY. She engaged our audience with a heartwarming personal story, a structure for overcoming fear and living from love, and a playful approach. The audience found themselves standing, laughing, and no one was looking at their phones. I highly recommend getting her on your stage."

Geeta Desai
Program Vice President,
American Association of University Women


"Ariana is an incredibly engaging speaker who understands the challenges women face in business. Her ability to deliver relevant content with such passion truly allows Ariana to captivate her entire audience. It's no surprise that people are always waiting to talk with her after a speaking engagement. She is dynamic, indeed!"

Bob Case
Passenger to Pilot Event Sponsor
Business Banking Relationship Manager, M&T Bank


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