Ariana Blossom is a Strategic Intervention-certified coach with eight years experience. She successfully raised women-owned business membership within the business incubator Rev: Ithaca Startup Works from 0-48% in 18 months. She launched and ran the Passenger to Pilot program that supported 21 women small business owners. She also organized the first-ever Women's Entrepreneurship Conference at Cornell University.

There are no words to describe Ariana except for absolutely exceptional. If you are dealing with any issues in life, work, family, run don’t walk to see Ariana. I promise she can help.”
— Nicole Sandoz

Who we've Coached

  • coached executive MBA students at Cornell University's Samuel Curtis Johnson's Graduate School of Management
  • led Cornell University's Internet Technology Women in Leadership staff through a 6-week Thinking Like an Entrepreneur course
  • mentored Opus One - a winning team in the New York State 76 West Clean Energy Business Competition
  • facilitated roundtables at the 2017 tech conference Collision on topics of diversity, mentorship, and leadership
  • trained multiple departments within manufacturing to improve communication
  • coached small business owners to raise their revenue. improve their marketing, pitch their businesses confidently, and manage client relations
  • led workshops on managing stress and living a meaningful life through Cornell University's Wellness program
  • coached professionals stressed by intimate relationships that have lost passion and connection